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Carvajal Medios B2B announces strengthening of its international sales team

Carvajal Medios B2B announces strengthening of its international sales team

The B2B publishing house of El Empaque+Conversión, El Hospital, Metalmecánica Internacional, Reportero Industrial and Tecnología del Plástico, and the organizer of the Autopart Manufacturing seminar & exhibit event, started the year by appointing Luis Manuel Ochoa as Group Publisher & International Sales Manager for the United States, Europe, Asia and Brazil, and by strengthening its overall international sales team.

Luis Manuel Ochoa has over 30-years of experience in marketing, advertising and sales, with most of these in the consumer goods, financial and media sectors. Ochoa, who acted previously as Associate Publisher of El Empaque+Conversion, will now supervise and strengthen the growing network of sales professionals and international sales representatives of the organization, from his new post as Group Publisher.

Alfredo Domador, General Manager of Carvajal Medios B2B commented: “Luis Manuel is a proven professional with a long and successful professional record. His marketing and sales related positions in multinationals such as Philip Morris, The Mennem Company, Warner Lambert and McCann Erickson, and in various TV media channels in Venezuela and most recently as regional market manager in Bank of America, made him the ideal candidate for his initial role as Associate Publisher of El Empaque + Conversion. This is why Luis Manuel becomes now the Group Publisher and International Sales Manager, with the full support of our managing team and of all his colleagues. We wish Luis Manuel success in his new role within the Carvajal Medios B2B family”.

For his part, Luis Ochoa commented: “Having been chosen for this important position is a real honor. From a professional and personal point-of-view, this promotion brings about interesting challenges that fill me with energy and enthusiasm. The markets our publications serve in Latin America are in constant growth and the leadership position of our media, allows us to offer our clients highly qualified audiences and products that promote interaction and trade in the important Mexican, Central and South American markets”. Ochoa added, “My challenge is to empower and support our international sales team to establish sustainable commercial relationships with our clients, within a win-win environment where professionalism, ethics and the desire to serve continue to characterize our commitment to excellence and results.”

Continuing with the strategy of strengthening of the commercial team, the following changes stand out:

* Carolina Sanchez-Shai, who is currently Associate Publisher of El Hospital, will also lead El Empaque+Conversión as its Associate Publisher to enable continuity in the work developed by Luis Ochoa in the United States and Canada. Graduated from the University of Florida in Communications with a specialization in Business Management, Carolina started her successful sales career in Carvajal B2B Media in 1999.

* Teri Rivas, who acted as Associate Publisher of Metalmecánica Internacional for over 15 years, returned to the organization as Manager of Special Accounts in The United States and Canada.

* Marily Hernandez, who excelled as Sales Support Manager, is now Account Manager of Metalmecánica Internacional to further our coverage in The United States and Canada.

* Alexander Setaro, who held the position of Sales Support Specialist, became Account Manager for Reportero Industrial in the 4th quarter of 2015, in order to provide a more personalized, deep and complete service to all our clients in The United States and Canada, from our corporate office in Miami.

* Alejandro Pinto, who took over the Sales Management of the critical Mexican territory in 2015, now leads the entire Latin American region including the expanded team in Mexico conformed by Carmen Bonilla in the North; Ricardo Pérez-Vertti in the central region; and Stella Rodríguez and Patricia Hernández in the Federal District. This media sales team works together with the event sales manager in Mexico, Miguel Jara, to provide the professional service the growing Mexican industry deserves.

Domador closed by adding, “During the past few years, at Carvajal Medios B2B we have focused our efforts on strengthening our value offer. We expanded our magazines’ circulations in the critical Mexican market. We relaunched our digital media platform with new SEO/SEM best practices that significantly grew our traffic and activity, and the ROI of our clients. We launched and positioned the Autopart Manufacturing event in Queretaro, the only manufacturing- focused event in the growing auto industry in Mexico. Today, we are strengthening our sales team to carry our message and service to a wider number of worldwide machinery, equipment and consumable exporters active in Mexico and Latin America, with the professionalism, ethics and commitment to results that have always characterized our organization”.

About Carvajal Medios B2B

Carvajal Medios B2B is a company of Carvajal S.A., a Colombian based multinational conglomerate with 110-years of existence and presence in 17-countries in the Americas. Carvajal Medios B2B promotes the information exchange within various B2B communities in Latin America, to promote the trade of goods and services between global suppliers of technology and the professionals and companies in the region that need them to remain competitive in the global markets.

The company has a portfolio of eight multimedia publications aimed at the plastics, packaging, metalworking, industrial manufacturing, medical technology and logistics sectors. The media portfolio includes five pan-regional publications: Metalmecánica Internacional (MM), Tecnología del Plástico (TP), El Empaque + Conversión (EE+CP), El Hospital (EH) and Reportero Industrial (RI), as well as three local directories in Colombia: Catálogo del Empaque (CE), Catálogo de la Salud (CS) and Catálogo de Logística (CL).

Carvajal Medios B2B also produces specialized events to complement its media portfolio, including the Autopart Manufacturing seminar & exhibit event in Querétaro, Mexico and the Spanish-language seminar series at NPE, the international plastics industry exhibition in the United States, among others. For further information, please visit and

David-Luna-Arellano-Director-de-contenido-Metalmecanica-Internacional (2)

Carvajal Medios B2B promotes David Luna Arellano as Editorial Director for Mexico

The publishing house of Metalmecánica Internacional, Tecnología del Plástico, El Empaque+Conversión, Reportero Industrial and El Hospital informs its readers, advertisers and industry in general, that it is reinforcing its commitment with the Mexican market  by appointing David Luna Arellano as its new Editorial Director in that country.

David Luna Arellano, a Mexican journalist specialized in industrial media, first joined the Carvajal Medios B2B team as Editor-in-Chief of Metalmecánica Internacional. In this position, he developed technical and business related content for the multiple print and digital media channels of Metalmecánica, as well as for the Autopart Manufacturing technical seminar series held since 2011 in Queretaro, Mexico.

David has a solid curriculum of more than 20 years of experience in B2B media for the industrial manufacturing sector. He holds a bachelor in Science of Communication from the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana de México, postgraduate studies in Top Management from IPADE, and a diploma in Journalism and Innovation from Stanford University.

“The extensive knowledge of industrial manufacturing that David has accumulated in Mexico, coupled with his strategic presence in Queretaro, will allow the editorial team of Carvajal Medios B2B to get even closer to the very important and relevant Mexican market”, said Alfredo Domador, General Director of Carvajal Medios B2B. “The teamwork that David will forge with the Editorial Directors of each of our publications, will strengthen our value offer and the commitment of Carvajal Medios B2B to produce local, original and top content for our news-hungry B2B audiences in Mexico.”

“David will continue as Editor-in-Chief of Metalmecánica Internacional, with the support of Angela Castro as Editorial Coordinator, facilitating his editorial impact on the plastics, packaging, industrial manufacturing and healthcare sectors covered by our portfolio of specialized media in Mexico”, Domador added.



About Carvajal Medios B2B

Carvajal Medios B2B is a company of Carvajal S.A.; a 110-year old multinational conglomerate with presence in 17 countries across the Americas. Carvajal Medios B2B facilitates the interaction and exchange of information among members of vertical business communities in Latin America, to promote the trade of goods and services between global technology suppliers and the professionals and businesses in the region that require them to remain competitive in the global market.

The company offers a portfolio of eight multimedia publications aimed to the industrial and service sectors in Latin America in the plastic, packaging, metalworking, industrial manufacturing, medical technology and logistics. The media portfolio includes five pan-regional publications: Tecnología del Plástico (TP), El Empaque+Conversión (EE+CP), El Hospital (EH), Metalmecánica Internacional (MM) and Reportero Industrial (RI), and three local directories in Colombia: Catálogo del Empaque (CE), Catálogo de la Salud (CS) y Catálogo de Logística (CL).

Carvajal Medios B2B also produces specialized events to complement its media portfolio, including Manufactura de Autopartes, in Queretaro, Mexico, and the Spanish language seminar series in the NPE international trade show in the US.

For more information, please visit


Plastics News & Tecnología del Plástico Announce Strategic Alliance

Virginia Gardens, Florida, August 17, 2015 – Carvajal Medios B2B and Crain Communications Inc. have signed a strategic alliance to share content and align commercial efforts to benefit plastics processers, resin companies and machinery manufacturers in the United States and Latin America.

Specifically, the cooperation is between Carvajal’s Tecnología del Plástico magazine and Crain’s weekly newspaper, Plastics News. Tecnología del Plástico is produced in Spanish and circulates to 17,500 subscribers in Latin America, including 9,000 in Mexico. Plastics News circulates to 45,000 subscribers, mostly in the United States.

“Partnering with Carvajal Medios B2B is the most effective way for Plastics News and our clients to reach the growing plastics markets in the Mexico, Central and South American markets,” said KC Crain, Crain’s executive vice president and director of corporate operations.

The publications will share editorial content in print and online, which will give advertisers dedicated environments to spread their marketing messages throughout the Americas.

“Crain Communications is an unquestionable leader in the U.S. publishing industry. Their leading publications and 99 years in the market are a testament to Crain’s capacity to adapt and business savvy, all core values shared by 111-year Carvajal”, said Eugenio Castro, Carvajal’s vice president of corporate strategic planning.

In addition, the partnership will include cooperation with events, including the Plastics In Automotive Conference held in Detroit every January and the Autoparts Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition held in Queretaro, Mexico, every August.

“Our loyal readers and advertising clients are looking more and more to Mexico and Latin America as a relevant and growing market to export their products and technology solutions,” said Brennan Lafferty, publisher of Plastics News. “Tecnología del Plástico is the perfect partner to enable our continued support of our clients in this key region. This partnership also cements the global reach of Plastics News, by incorporating the important Latin American market to our media network.”

“Partnering with Plastic News is the right move for 30-year-old Tecnología del Plástico,” said Alfredo Domador, general manager of Carvajal Medios B2B. “The rich, fresh and newsworthy content generated by Plastics News will clearly complement our current offering, adding significant value to our loyal Latin American audiences and global advertising clients. The synergies between the global reach of Plastics News and our Mexican Autopart Manufacturing Conference & Exhibition event will expand the opportunities for knowledge transfer and commercial trade between key players of the growing Mexican automotive industry and their global counterparts who want to be part of this booming sector.”

About Crain Communications

Crain Communications Inc. is a privately held media company producing 25 news publications includes many of the most influential media properties in the vertical markets they serve such as Automotive News, Advertising Age, Modern Healthcare, Plastics News, Business Insurance and Pensions & Investments. In its 26th year, the Plastics News brand includes a weekly print publication,, multiple conferences, an online directory, two dozen e-newsletters and a research division. Plastics News is part of Crain’s Global Polymer Group, which also includes Plastics News Europe, Plastics News China, Plastics & Rubber Weekly, Rubber & Plastics News, Tire Business and Urethanes Technology.

Crain Communications employs more than 825 in 13 locations including its headquarters in Detroit as well as in New York, Chicago, London, Munich, Washington, D.C., and Cleveland. For more information, visit and

About Carvajal Medios B2B

The company offers a portfolio of 8 multimedia publications aimed at industrial and service sectors in the Spanish-speaking Latin America, reaching Mexico, Central and South America, and the Spanish Caribbean. The company caters to the fields of packaging, metalworking, plastics, industrial manufacturing, healthcare and logistics. The media portfolio includes 5 pan-regional publications, Tecnología del Plástico (TP), El Empaque+Conversión (EE+CP), El Hospital (EH), Metalmecánica (MM) and Reportero Industrial (RI), and 3 local directories in Colombia: Catálogo del Empaque (CE), Catálogo de la Salud (CS) and Catálogo de Logística (CL).

Carvajal Medios B2B also produces specialized events to complement its media portfolio: Manufactura de Autopartes (Auto-parts Manufacturing) and the NPE trade show seminars series in Spanish, among others, as well as direct marketing services for its advertising clients.

In addition to these 8 media titles and events, Carvajal Corporate also has owns two leading trade publications in Brazil: Noticiario de Equipamentos Industriais (NEI), in partnership with Thomas International, and Supermercado Moderno (SM). For more information visit:

About Carvajal Corporation

Carvajal Organization is a multinational group, founded in 1904 in the city of Santiago de Cali, Colombia. With business in 14 Latin American companies and the United States, it has 8 companies that take care of the following target markets: Education, Pulp and paper, Packaging, Communications Solutions, Spaces, Educational Solutions, Technology/Services and B2B Media. The eight companies, together, account for over 20,000 employees.

Laura Foto

Tecnología del Plástico welcomes Dr. Laura Florez as new editor-in-chief

Tecnología del Plástico, a publication from Carvajal Medios B2B, which in 2015 celebrates 30-years of uninterrupted service, asserts its position as the leading trade media in the Latin American plastics industry with the appointment of a world-class technical expert as its new Editor-in-Chief.

Starting on June 1st, Dr. Laura Florez joined the Carvajal Medios B2B team as Director of Content & Editor-in-Chief of Tecnología del Plástico. In her new role, Laura will lead content development for the various platforms of the publication which include print and digital media, as well as specialized events whose audiences include 17,500 BPA audited pan-Latin American subscribers of the print magazine, and over 42,000 registered users of its multiple electronic-media channels.

Alfredo Domador, General Manager of Carvajal Medios B2B, reports: “Laura has a strong industry background that includes 15-years of experience in the field of plastics processing. A mechanical engineer with a Master’s Degree in engineering, Laura became Chief-Editor of Tecnología del Plástico between 2003 and 2005. In 2005 she won a scholarship to pursue doctoral studies in polymer processing in Germany, and continued to maintain her involvement with the publication as editorial consultant and contributor. Additionally, Laura excels in various engineering and consulting positions which add to her deep understanding of the information needs of the plastics processors in Latin America. Her work also includes editorial contributions to various publications in Germany and the United States”. Domador assures that “Laura is a definitely strong and positive addition to the Editorial team of Tecnología del Plástico, and to entire company”.

“For me it is a privilege to come back to Tecnología del Plástico as leader of the editorial team”, Laura said. “Over the past ten years I have continued to support the efforts of this leading plastics industry publication in Latin America. As a result of this I know and understand the value our readers place on the quality of the technical and business content we rigorously generate and provide to them. Our objective is to continue to bring the same value-added content to both our readers and advertisers through an editorial work that truly identifies with the needs of our Latin American audiences based on our knowledge and experience”.

With respect to the significant growth of the digital audiences of Tecnología del Plástico, Laura said: “The evolution of communication technologies puts in our hands lots of resources to keep in touch with our readers and users, ultimately enriching our efforts to connect plastics processors and technology suppliers. We will continue to take advantage of the massive technology deployment made by Carvajal Medios B2B, a pioneer in B2B digital media platforms, to continue to offer more dynamic and customized editorial products that contribute to the growth and development of our Latin American plastics industry”.

For more information contact:
Alfredo Domador, General Manager,

Laura Flórez, Content Director for Tecnología del Plástico,